Monday, April 21, 2014

20 months - Longest sequence

Here's a peak at what I think is the longest sequence Kili has done to date. And she did it well! Yay! Other than rewarding at the A-frame for holding her contact there were no rewards until the end. It's a pretty straight forward sequence with only two areas requiring any real handling. The very beginning has a serpentine which Kili handles nicely (but I need to remember to trust her and get the heck out of Dodge to make it a little less "herky jerky" has my trainer calls it) and then as the dog comes out of the tunnel there's a tight turn to the next jump. Otherwise there are no side changes or really difficult bits. Still, it's nice to be smooth and error free on a long sequence. We're almost at a full course!

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Hiking Hounds said...

I couldn't see this video, but the other of you and Kili looks great! She looks really happy, and cute. Congratulations!