Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kili and the Easter Bunny

Okay, he's not the Easter Bunny. He's Caspian, my little lop eared rabbit that thinks he is a dog.

Kili has been driving me nuts on walks now that the squirrels and birds are out. She starts bouncing, staring, and if they are within 10 feet she will forget herself and try to run (ha! that's what the leash is for, little dog!). I can't figure out if it is purely prey drive or if she's just curious. As a sighthound of course I lean toward prey drive... but she acts exactly the same about my bunnies... but really all she wants is to play with them. Here she is with Caspian. Clearly she doesn't want to eat him. She can never seem to figure out what he is and is constantly trying to sniff his butt. And she wants to play with him. Of course she's too rough to do that though!

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