Monday, April 07, 2014

20 months - Red Barn

I signed up for a membership at the indoor facility where we attended the seminar last month. It allows us to drop in to work on the equipment at 6 different times throughout the week. Unfortunately, the facility is an hour and a half away so we are only going once a week. Still, it has allowed us to get another session in and with added distractions. Some days are very quiet and we can really focus on skills training. Other days are pretty busy and that gives us a chance to work on distractions.

Kili really does seem to love agility which is great! On the drive there she stands and looks over my shoulder as if to say "are we there yet?" for about the first 20 minutes of the drive. Then she gets bored and goes to sleep until we arrive.

Are we there yet?

No little dog... one more hour to go.
Anyway, here's a fun video I put together with all the footage we've gotten the last 2 weeks. We have her first full height teeter (with help) and first time with 6 weave poles (not quite at regulation spacing and not completely straight). Pretty happy with how the little dog is doing so far!

I also bit the bullet and entered her in some fun runs and exhibition runs at the end of this month. These runs do not count. The fun runs allow us to use toys in the ring and to train in the ring at a trial. The exhibition runs do not allow reinforcement in the ring so I will likely just be running her through a straight forward sequence and then running her out to tug and have a reward. Think of it has expensive training!

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