Sunday, January 12, 2014

16 months - Weave Poles

I managed to get some footage of Kili's weave pole progress today. She did not have quite the same drive as she did last week, but it was pretty good and she was accurate, hardly ever making a mistake. After this video I moved the two sets closer together and she continued to do very well. So I think perhaps by next week I can have the two sets at the appropriate distance from one another, and if things continue to go well I will add in the third set.

I have discovered that Kraft Singles cheese slices are great for weave pole training on sand. For starters, Kili is absolutely nuts about them. Secondly they fly pretty well when you throw them. And third, the plastic wrapper protects the cheese from getting completely covered in dirt. Score! I also use an old yogurt container filled with raw green tripe to throw. Throwing something out ahead of the dog really encourages them to drive through the poles.


Janette Ash said...

So very happy to learn you had a positive outcome on Summit's X-rays. I know how nerve wracking it can be dealing with a limp. Lilly has a bit of problematic back leg and I am always on the watch for any thing out of the norm. Your 2 X 2 weave training looks great. It is a slow process, right, but I believe the best method to get a solid foundation. We are progressing very slowly, have to say not even at the level Kili is at. We were doing well enough in the summer, then Lilly was attacked by a dog in October. She was laid up for 4 weeks, then the business life just sort of got in the way. But we are back to classes and practice Thursday. So look out weave poles.. here we come. Congratulation on your progress and thanks for sharing your advice and videos.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Yes, I'm very pleased with how the weave poles are going so far. I wish we could train more so we could make faster progress with them... but oh well! I have never used the 2x2 method before but I do really like it for teaching entrances.

I'm sorry to hear that Lilly was attacked. That's always scary!