Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Greyhound Orthopedics

Greyhounds and their orthopedic issues! Actually, I shouldn't say that. Aside from bone cancer most greyhounds are very sound in structure. They do not escape the usual age related changes though. And I should not compare Kili to most greyhounds as she has already proven that she's a bit of a lemon!

Kili's hock has been doing well. We have been in a deep freeze so aside from agility class once a week we have done almost nothing. While I hate the insanely cold temperatures because it reduces what I can do, it has been a blessing as it has made it exceedingly easy to follow my own orders for strict rest. Kili has essentially done no exercise except for agility class. The class gives me a bit of a chance to evaluate how she is doing each week after having had full rest. This week's class was pretty good. She had a few moments but overall it was better. And I wish I had a video of her 2x2 weaves because this week she was flying through! Love the speed and accuracy we had this week.

Kili has finished her medications, though I occasionally throw her a pain killer if I feel it is needed. She is getting laser treatments on the hock whenever I can afford to bring her to work (if it is a slow day or I know I have a gap in appointments).

I also bit the bullet and bought more Back On Track gear. For Kili I bought their hock wraps and for Summit I bought the leg (carpal) wraps. Of course they sell the wraps as pairs and my dogs couldn't decide to both have hurt front legs or both have hurt back legs. So I had to buy a pair of hock wraps and a pair of carpal wraps. Money! Here they are on the dogs. I am hoping these will help both dogs... Kili to rehab her hock faster and Summit to reduce his arthritis.

Kili's hock wrap
Summit's carpal wrap


Janette Ash said...

Hi, our paths have crossed on Greytalk (Lillypad) Just would like you to know that although I never leave a comment, I REALLY ENJOY following your blog. It has been quite the adventure watching Kili grow from a pup to adolescence. You are doing a great job. All the very best wishes for a great New Year. P.S like Summit, our girl Lilly AKA Astarsmokenfast was adopted thorough GRA, we will have had the pleasure of her company for two years this April.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Hi Janette. Thanks for popping in to say hi!

Love Lilly's racing name. Was it true? Was she smokin' fast? ha ha. Summit's name (BBF Dropout) was pretty ironic given his (lack of) racing history.

From some of your posts on GT it sounds like you've entered some trials?

Janette Ash said...

I have to admit that I don't fully understand the racing jargon, but I have it on good authority that she was a good and profitable racer. Her dad, Dodgem-by-Design is quite famous. However, a "successful" racing career affords lots of opportunity for injury and such is the case with Lilly. I have my concerns about her left hip area. Can't say what damage she experienced, but there is definitely something. Vet says she will most likely have arthritis issues as she ages, so that is something I have concerns with. A real "trial" no, just a couple of fun matches with local clubs. And also at the "famous" Kingston Sheep Dog Herding Trials here in August. We certainly have no qualifying points. She is doing rather well though, she loves to please and pretty much will turn inside out for treats, which makes for easy persuasion. I am very lucky cause our coach is a big fan of sight-hounds, and while she has lots of great herders and retrievers in her classes, she has a real soft spot for Lilly. Most of all we have lots of fun and that is were I like to be, for now at least. Like you I find the weather really creates an obstacle for routine training and practice. Having jumps set up in the living-room and weave poles in the hall of my house is a real pain. (I know you can relate, ha,ha.)