ATChC Ch Lakilanni Kiss The Sky RN AGEx AGExJ - "Kenna"

Kenna (Lakilanni Kiss The Sky) was born March 8, 2016 and came home 8 weeks later. She is a half-niece to Kili, her mother being Kili's half sister (same sire).

There was some humming and hawing over the decision to bring a puppy home from Kenna's litter. The breeding was a somewhat unplanned repeat of a wonderful breeding the previous year, and the timing was perfect as it was a spring litter. I had been waiting on a puppy from a specific female that I am particularly fond of, but she had missed on her previous 2 breedings and wasn't due in heat for another couple of months (resulting in fall puppies). In the end I decided to go ahead with the spring litter. Several people pointed out to me that you should always go with the sure thing, though I figured Murphy's Law would get me in the end... don't take the puppy and the other bitch would miss, take the puppy and the other bitch would have a litter. As it turned out, the other female did end up having a large litter in the late summer, but you can only go on the information you have at the time and Kenna ended up being a wonderful choice for our family.

Kenna started out as a spunky, energetic puppy who was very willing to learn. That has translated into a very focused, driven, and honest agility partner. She started trialing at 18 months and was running at the Masters level in a couple of classes before she turned 2, with fairly limited trialing.

At the age of 3, at her very first Regional Championships she put in a perfect weekend and won her height class, as well as the optional Steeplechase final, the first time ever for the breed. We also elected to fly out to Nationals in Ontario that year. It was my first time flying a dog, and the first National Championships for both of us.

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