Monday, December 09, 2013

15 months - Kili ignores the kitty!

Kili and I have been working hard on focus and ignoring distractions. Today we got the ultimate test when we were working at the arena. The barn is relatively new and when we first started working there, there was only one cat. This cat was actually a cat that I rescued through my work and rehomed to one of our student workers. This student happens to be my contact at this barn, and she brings Tiggy to the barn with her every day and home for the nights. Tiggy is a very nervous cat and mostly sticks to her stall and the aisles.

A few weeks ago someone dumped a sick little kitten at the farm and he is now well enough that he has started exploring the barn. A few days ago another new cat showed up. These two cats are bold enough that they felt confident roaming around in the arena while I was working with my dogs. Talk about suicidal cats. Fortunately for these cats neither of my dogs are high prey. Summit actually couldn't care less. Kili is a different story... but she's not high prey she's just curious. I'm not saying that she absolutely wouldn't chase to kill a small critter, but from what I've seen she mostly just wants to chase to see what the furry thing is. Regardless, running off to chase cats while working is not ideal. Which is why I was so impressed with this.

Not too shabby for a sighthound!


jet said...

that is one silly cat, but good work Killi ;)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Much better than I would have gotten from my 3. :-)

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Jen - I suspect it would have actually been a suicidal cat with your 3 around. Fortunately Kili's interest is quite friendly and harmless... "WANT TO BE MY FRIEND!? NO? WHY NO... OW! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO ATTACK ME!"

Jet - Yes, very good work for Kili! Other creatures are a HUGE distraction for her since they are potential friends. I was very impressed with her!

janette Ash said...

Very nice focus. She did very well given how much a chase around that arena would have been. Love to hear/learn more about the On-Line agility course you took.. Sounds just like what we could use in this frozen environment right about now.