Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ultimate hound

Other than agility with Summit, I also enjoy playing Ultimate. Once I get Summit ready for trials I can see all my weekends alternately being taken up by either Ultimate or agility. For now though, there are only Ultimate tournaments and games. But that doesn't mean Summit has to stay at home. Where I go, my hound goes. Of course, there's not much of a difference between sleeping at home and sleeping in an x-pen.

Honestly though, the amount of stuff I have to carry around at tournaments is insane. I would have to say that people who bring their babies and young children with them have less stuff than I do. I bring the x-pen which is heavy and a pain to move from field to field (luckily I usually get some help from teammates), blankets, chews/treat balls/Kongs, cooling coats and/or regular coats depending on weather conditions. I have further discovered a problem of sun exposure. I always spray Summit down with sunscreen whenever I do myself since he is so hairless (he was the proud winner of our group's "barest bum" contest last weekend) and white, but I find that he squints his one eye when he's been out in direct sunlight for a whole day.
Notice anything wrong with Summit's right eye?
Soft as a baby's bottom....
I am going to buy him a pair of Doggles for next season... if only I can find them! I went to two different pet shops today with no luck. I may have to order them online.
Pretty slick, eh?
He's always a big hit at my games and tournaments, especially with all his stuff, and when it starts to get cold in the fall people get a good kick out of his many coats and PJs. It's great too because he comes home a tired puppy even though he did nothing all day. Don't get me wrong though, he seems to really enjoy it. He gets lots of love from the whole team and usually from a few dog lovers on the other team, he gets to meet some other dogs, he gets to sleep and eat delicious treats, and when he's bored of all that he gets to play "spot Mom" when I'm on the field. It's also great press for retired racers!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Poor puffy face... this is what I use for my crates and ex pens. It has a reflective side for hot days and then the other side will absorb the heat from the sun. So its great for creating shade or for blocking wind. Its also great for covering windshields or windows of your vehicle if you are trying to keep the car shady and cool.

Tarmar said...

You might also consider getting some shade cloth. I always put something like this over the x-pen if my hound is going to be in the sun. It provides shade and allows airflow. Dogs do get skin cancer from prolonged sun exposure!

You also might think about getting a kennel cart or crate dolly to haul your stuff. I generally use a sturdy folding luggage cart.

Summit is one lucky hound to get to go with you so much!

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

That looks great, Jen! I'll have to order one to test out. I love that it can be used for both hot and cooler weather, as sometimes in the spring and fall it's a little chilly. I may have to rig up extension poles though because he can look over the top of his x-pen walls and I do like him to be able to stand up and stretch (or demand attention from unsuspecting players).

Tarmar - I'm not as worried about his general sun exposure because he gets as much sun screen as I do. If I start feeling like I need to reapply he gets a reapplication too. I'm just concerned about his eyes since he doesn't seem to utilize the shade I make for him.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hi, I've just started following yours and Summit's adventures and I have no idea what 'ultimate' is? Any chance of explaining it please?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I've just re-read your post and I gather it's not a dog sport but a people sport, is that right?

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Hi. Yes, Ultimate is short for Ultimate Frisbee and it's a people sport that I do, but Summit always accompanies me. He has zero interest in frisbees. I have seen videos of a greyhound catching frisbees and it got me excited. But there's always that border collie at the games freaking out about the disc flying around, and I don't want to start that. As far as Summit is concerned discs provide food and water and that's it (I use them as bowls at games).