Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to school

It is back to the grind stone. Final year of vet school. The hours are absolutely nuts. Which makes taking dog classes nearly impossible. Some days I'm at school until 7:30 PM, other nights I'm done at 5:30 but have to go back to look in on my patients at about 8PM. On top of that I'm studying for my board exam in November.

It's back to school for Summit too. Because of my crazy schedule, Summit and I decided (okay, I made the decision) to join an agility club so that we can be more flexible about when we practice.

I'm super excited that I might actually have Summit ready to trial next summer. A little ambitious maybe, but totally do-able now that we'll be able to work through the winter. Unfortunately, we're really going to have to put some time into working on his gun shyness. We had a great first half of class this evening until someone started shooting off a shotgun. Turns out it's goose or duck season or something. Of course, Summit turned into a puddle. I plan to start doing some desensitization with him this winter. I hate seeing him reduced to an incapacitated, quivering wreck. And it's obviously a little disappointing when we were having such a great session.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

We had someone shooting during my last agility class too. So annoying. Happy training! I'm so glad I'm out of school!