Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soft crate recommendations?

Kili's first conformation show is fast approaching (mid February) and I am trying to get organized since I have never taken a dog to a show. So I'm a newbie and have no idea what I'm doing. What I DO know is that I need a crate at the show, and I don't think I want to fight with her heavy wire crate.

What Kili has at home is a Pet Lodge wire dog crate, double door, size XL (42" long).
Pet Lodge
Sizing confuses me a little. I've always heard that 42" long was considered a "giant" crate, but there is no way Summit would be comfortable in this. He has an even bigger crate (a "giant") which I think is 48" long. We don't know exactly where Kili will end up, but if her 4 month weight was truly her halfway point she should be under 60lbs, so hopefully the 42" is big enough.

Now what I'm wondering is, at shows is there a size limit on the crate you can bring? And does anyone have any pros or cons when it comes to a wire vs a soft crate for a show? Any brand recommendations? My local store can only get one soft sided crate in and the largest size they can get it in is the 42". I believe the crate was this one by Noz2Noz (or a very similar one anyway because the brand name doesn't really ring a bell for me).

Recommendations and where to get one/order one?


Cynthia said...

Soft crates can be great, but many shows around me ban them. So before you spring for one, check premium lists or with people in your area who show to see if you'll be allowed to use one.

For crate size, think height instead of length. My 30" and 29.5" inch boys both used 30" tall crates at shows, compared to much larger ones at home for daily use. Kili could probably use a 26" crate, but I mostly see 24" (too short) and 28" as options.

I've pretty much given up trying to crate at conformation shows unless I have to be there for obedience or something else. Around here the pros grab all the crating space early early early. I've been at too many shows dragging a crate around wondering if I'll ever find a spot for my dogs. So, for breed at least, I keep them crated in the car and bring them in on leash (possibly with a dog bed) instead.

Kim said...

You should check with the clubs and the premiums of the shows you are thinking of attending. You can also talk with the people that already attend those shows and see what they suggest. If the clubs allow them you could consider an x-pen which have unlimited head room and can fit into all different shapes when needed. Many people crate from their cars when the weather allows it too. Good luck with what ever you decide!

The Lady said...

I bought my soft crate from Amazon. I love it! Granted, we don't do conformation but it has worked for traveling, dog events, and just as a crate to take 'just in case' that is lightweight and easy to carry.

J.J. said...

Jen, from another greyhound agility blog, uses the Noz2Noz crate at events. I believe she has the 42 inch but her girls are fairly small

Kristie Smith said...
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Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I decided to hold off for now. It's only our first show after all. The folks at handling class tell me a soft crate is allowed but before I spend a bunch of money I'll see what the shows are like and just lug my heavy wire crate for this first one. I'll let you all know if I decide to spring for a soft crate in the future!