Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cabbit introductions

Some of you were curious to see the rabbit and cat intros with Kili. I elected to wait until I had several videos over a period of time before posting this.

Kitty is no longer with us. She was a long term foster who finally went to her forever home shortly after Christmas. This means it is up to Caspian to carry on with the small critter proofing. I CANNOT get over how tiny and adorable Kili was at 8 weeks old. It seems like forever ago. I can't even remember that itty bitty, knobby kneed, short muzzled creature!

I should have done a video of her at 24 weeks after a nice long walk (like this morning) when she was a little more mellow. She's not nearly as bad as that last segment makes her out to be. But as you can see from her body language (and the furiously wagging tail) she's more interested in trying to get Caspian to play with her than she is intent on eating him. Still, as evidenced by my negative markers, that's a behaviour I intend to squash. As sweet as it is that she just wants to play with him, he is far too fragile a play mate for a dog.

I also apologize for the t.v. in the background of these videos. I always forget to turn it off when I'm filming (or the boyfriend is watching it and complains if I want to turn it off!).

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jet said...

your bunny is very cute, what is the blue ball he is playing with? :) perhaps another foster kitty will be in order to continue the work?