Friday, February 08, 2013

24 weeks - SNOW DAY!

Southern Ontario got hit with a huge snow storm this week. I'm not sure what the final tally is because it is still snowing out there, but we were expecting 20-30 cm over about a day and a half. This morning there was a good 5 cm on the ground. When I came home at lunch I had a bit of trouble getting the truck in and out of the driveway. When I came home (we closed the clinic early) the truck actually almost got stuck (why shovel the driveway when you have 4-wheel drive?).

What the hell happened out here?
I am NOT staying out here!
The dogs were not impressed to say the least. We'll have to shovel a racetrack for them. Poor Kili, the snow is higher than her belly. I can't even imagine what people with small dogs are doing right now! You could literally lose a toy breed in this snow. It would go out to do its business and never come back! A little snow is good, this is crazy! Here comes the photobomb!

Winter fun!

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