Friday, February 08, 2013

24 weeks - Obedience

I just wanted to share some of the things Kili has learned over the last couple of weeks in her first round of obedience. In obedience 1 we are working on things that make a good pet, not formal obedience. Things like walking on a loose leash, not taking food, not jumping up, sit and down stays, etc. Obedience 2 starts at the end of February and goes into things that are needed for more formal obedience (heeling with attention on handler, longer stays, go outs, etc.). I have not decided yet if I will do much obedience with Kili. Agility is my first priority but if she enjoys obedience as well then I will probably enter her in some obedience trials if they are being held with an agility trial.

Here we are working on sitting (straight) in the heel position, giving me full attention, and then staying. Same for the down position. I also included a bit of the work we're doing with "off". She's pretty good at leaving an open hand with food in it. I've even started doing this with a dinner plate to transfer the idea that she cannot steal food off plates.

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