Thursday, November 08, 2012

11 weeks - Playing rough

It's been really tough to get good videos and pictures of Kili just because of the season. It's dark when we get up for the day and dark when I leave work. Makes for crappy videos and photos. I did want everyone to see Kili in action with some other dogs though so I got some footage today at work over lunch hour.

As I've mentioned before, Summit does a great job of telling Kili off. And she totally respects it. In fact, she's a bit over dramatic about it. If he tells her off too harshly she will actually scream for about 20-30 seconds non-stop as if she is dying. It's a blood chilling scream. Talk about a drama queen! He's never hurt her. But it works because she modifies her behaviour and she respects him. However, I have noticed that this is not the case with smaller dogs. She takes their warnings as an invitation to play.

 This is a video of Kili with Ruby, a 14 year old Spaniel that I am dog sitting for 2 weeks. This gives you a little taste of how she ignores warnings from smaller dogs. It's not the best video of it. Often she will pester and pester and pester. I usually have to step in and redirect her attention to a toy, a more appropriate play mate, or ask her to work on some of her commands.

And now here is a video of Kili playing nice with my co-worker's 8 month old Golden. These two are great together. I love letting them play together!

Obviously we need to work on respecting smaller dogs.