Sunday, November 04, 2012

11 weeks - cry baby... but not such a baby

Kili is 11 weeks old now and what a difference! You don't really realize how much changes in 3 weeks until you look back. 3 weeks ago Kili screamed bloody murder her first night and first day with us. 3 weeks ago she wobbled more than walked.

Here's a video of Kili in her crate today. I have noticed that she is particularly bad on the weekends when my boyfriend is here. I think she suspects that he is the weak link and might give in to her demands. Unfortunately for her I have strict rules that her Daddy dares not break. I wish I had thought to get a video of her in the first few days to show you the screaming she was doing and compare how much better this is. As a general rule she might whimper for a couple of minutes then settle down and sleep or work on a Kong.

And here's a video of Kili doing a bit of running in the backyard. Of course when I'm not trying to get videos she tears it up, but the other day when I had the camera out trying to get some videos this was the best she would give me. Oh well.

Kili is now 7.7 kg compared to 5.3 kg when she came home. I don't notice her getting bigger really. Others tell me she is getting taller and I assume that must be true!

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