Thursday, November 01, 2012

10 weeks - Making progress

There are days when I just want to kill Kili. And then there are days when she is adorable and makes me laugh. And there are days when I feel like we are actually getting somewhere! Starting to bond, starting to understand each other, starting to actually have some communication!

So in light of that I wanted to share a couple of videos. The first is of a short training session. The first part shows us working on name recognition. I started out initially by trying to just get her to initiate eye contact. I held treats in my closed hand and offered her to smell my hand and then pulled my hand out of her reach. She'd stare at my fist for a long time and when she finally looked at me to say "what the heck?" I clicked and gave her a treat. So she quickly learned to look at me. The next step is what I'm doing now. I know that after looking at the treats in my hand she's going to look at me, so before she does that I say her name. This ensures that she's going to look at me when I say her name so that I don't have her ignoring me. The next part of the video shows us working on what my trainer calls "puppy aerobics" which is just a sit, stand, down, stand. Actually, the others are doing sit, down, stand. But I don't ask for a down from a sit so I modified it a bit for our purposes!

This second video is just to hopefully make you laugh. This is what she does when she plays by herself. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

that is funny her playing on her back like that :-)