Sunday, April 22, 2018

OC Trial - Splitscreen Agility

Last weekend the girls attended a local agility trial and both did really well.

Kenna had a bit of bad luck in her Gamble. She had a beautiful opening, but the course time for the closing gamble was very tight and even though she did it, she had a little bobble that cost enough time that we were a split second over time... so no Q. :( She also had a really beautiful Challenge run that I didn't get recorded.

Kili ran really well and had a perfect trial. She completed her Master Team Relay Dog of Canada and got her 10th Masters Jumpers which completed her Expert Bronze Jumpers. Unfortunately, I didn't get either of those runs on tape.

Both girls ran a really nice Master Standard course and I have video of both girls. So I thought it would be really fun to split screen the runs and watch them run it against each other. It really highlights the differences in their running styles. Kenna is so compact and can turn nice and tight, and she collects nicely over jumps when asked. Kili has no clue how to collect and takes pretty much every jump in extension no matter how hard I try to convey to her that she needs to shorten up her landing. The result is that Kenna is WAY faster, even though their actual ground speed is probably fairly similar. Kenna saves strides by turning tight.

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