Thursday, May 03, 2018

Kili - CKC Agility Champion

A few weeks ago the girls went to their first CKC trial of 2018. It's a local trial, and one of the few times we go for a full weekend. I was especially glad we managed to attend both days since we will be missing most of the other CKC trials this summer due to my Ultimate frisbee touring schedule.

Kili was a true rock star. She had already completed all of her Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) that she needed so I did not enter her in any JWW runs. CKC is notoriously expensive, and so I had decided awhile ago that once she completed her championship I would no longer enter her in Standard or JWW, only in games (Steeplechase, PAD, Jumps and Tunnels). Unfortunately, only the Standard and JWW runs count of top dogs placements, so she will not be very high up the standings this year. However, since she was the #1 hound this year, I'm okay to let her slide a little in the standings and give that a rest.

She only needed 3 more Standard runs, and there were only 3 offered at this trial. Knowing Kili's Q rate is usually around 50-75%, I figured it would probably take 2 trials. However, she was a very good little girly and had a 100% Q rate for the weekend and completed her CKC Championship. She is now a dual agility champion in both AAC and CKC. Time to move on to UKI for the trifecta!

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