Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Happy First Birthday, Kenna!

Today is Kenna's first birthday! Happy 1 year old to my crazy, sweet little worker bee. This busy little kid never wants to quit playing with me and is so much fun. She's also the sweetest dog in our household, and hopefully once she learns to settle and turn off she'll be a good little cuddle bug.

Our first year has been reasonably smooth with only a couple of minor health issues (kennel cough a couple of times and diarrhea a couple of times), and training has gone well in everything we've tried so far. I'm so excited for the next 6 months. I can't wait to start trialing in September, but at the same time she has grown up WAY too fast and I just want to slow down and enjoy what's left of puppyhood! Where did my tiny baby go?

Here's a little video celebrating all the fun we had in Kenna's first year of life.

Yesterday, Kenna weighed in at 24.55 kg, and she stands about a 1/2" below Kili. I suspect she's going to mature to be right around the same size.

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