Monday, March 27, 2017

Kili - FSACA CKC trial

Kili once again made the top dogs listing for 2016 in CKC agility. She retained her spot as the #3 hound in Canada, despite missing a trial and having a poor showing at another. So proud of her!

As part of our "March Madness" we went to a full weekend CKC agility trial.

This trial was super special because Kili and Kenna's breeder was in Edmonton to judge a UKC Rally/Obedience trial. Unfortunately, we were unable to enter that because of the conflict with agility (and come on, agility always comes first!), so I invited her out on Friday night to watch us. The girls were so excited to be reunited with the original momma! It has been less than a year since Kenna left her first home, but Kili has not seen her breeder in 4.5 years.

Kili had a pretty awesome trial. She listened really well for most of it and ended up coming away with 25 points toward the 2017 Top Dog placements. That's more than half of what she earned last year. Partly that's what a good trial with a good Q rate will do for you (she was over 50% at this trial) and partly that's because last year she was only in the Master Excellent class for about half of the year, the first part of the year she was still in Excellent. You get 5 points for every Standard and JWW Q in Master Excellent, but only 4 in Excellent (and 3 in Intermediate and 2 in Novice).

If we keep this pace Kili will have the highest score she's ever achieved, and maybe even place 1st of all the hounds. We're really just there to have fun, but scoring points never hurts!

The Top 5 dogs in every breed qualify for the CKC Invitational in July. Last year was the first year for the Invitational and it was in Ontario so we did not attend. This year it is being held in Ontario again. My trainer is talking about going so I am considering it, as it would be really nice to have an experienced agility friend with me the first time I fly a dog.

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