Wednesday, February 01, 2017

10 months - Edmonton Pet Expo

Kenna and Summit representing the breed.
January brings the Edmonton Pet Expo. While this is not the biggest, most wonderful pet expo experience out there (Pets in the Park in the summer is the best one in Edmonton, and Toronto has Woofstock which I miss dearly), it is still a pretty neat event. We have been going for the past 2 years with the local greyhound adoption group who has a booth. We hang out with our hounds and let people interact with them, and answer questions they might have about greyhound adoption. Last year I took Kili and Summit. This year I took Kenna and Summit, since Kili gets to have all the fun (she stayed home and recovered from an agility trial the day before).

Kili at last year's Pet Expo
Kenna is my Pat'n'Chat dog for SuperDogs, and she hasn't been in a large crowd of people since about the time of our last show in August, so this was good for her. She really enjoyed herself and thrilled people with her exuberance and kisses (remember, most of the other dogs are retired racers, so a little more contained and dignified!). Summit enjoyed himself, as he always does, in his more laid back way... namely laying or standing around hoping someone will come over and pet him (he was not disappointed).

Summit with his most adoring fan, my friend's little daughter.
We can't wait for next year!

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