Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 months - agility star in the making

Kenna is 10 months old and will hopefully stop growing like a weed! She is just a little bit shorter than Kili and weighs in at 24 kg, so she's on track to be about the same size or possibly a smidge bigger.

And what a great little dog she is! She is just so much fun to work and play with. She is very confident and outgoing, and I love how connected she is to me. She has more handler focus and less of the independent sighthound streak than Kili. It's interesting to see how similar and how different related dogs can end up being.

For fun I got a little bit of video from her agility class last week since it's been awhile since I recorded anything of her. This was her first and worst run since she was so geared up from being in a crate all day. But really, if this is what I get for a "wild, not listening, first run" I'll take it!

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