Sunday, October 09, 2016

7 months - First Snow

Kenna got to experience her very first snowfall this Thanksgiving weekend. Gotta love Edmonton and its winters. Most likely this snow won't last very long as it is hovering just around freezing. I'm surprised it has lasted as long as it has! Usually these first snowfalls last a few hours, a day max, but this one is still here 3 days later.

Also love that I have two photos of the girls as puppies that are almost the exact same! Kili was only about 4 months old in her picture, Kenna is 7 in hers.

Kenna is not impressed with the cold, but she likes the white fluffy stuff!

And Kenna weighed in at 20.75 kg the day before her 7 month birthday, so she is on track to be the same size as Kili, who was 22 kg at that time.


Janette ash said...

Wow, while it looks like the pups had fun playing in the snow, I have to say I don't envy
you in the least. Sure hope that snow stays in the west and does not make its way east anytime soon.... a big LOL

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

We are hoping it decides to melt. Usually this early in the year the snow doesn't stay on the ground, but we're at about day 5 and it is still here... or some of it is anyway!