Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Master Agility Dog of Canada

Kili completed her Master Agility Dog of Canada (MADC) title at a trial over the Thanksgiving weekend. She is the first greyhound to ever accomplish this. It requires 3 qualifying runs (no errors) in the Master Standard class, under 2 different judges. Kili actually got her 3rd Q last month, but then I discovered that all 3 were under the same judge, so we had to get a fourth, which is okay because the third Q will still count towards her next title.

This was also her second or third trial in a row with a Q rate above 50%, which had been her average Q rate in the past. Could just be coincidence/luck, but hopefully it actually means that she's reaching another level. Today she Q'd 4 out of 5 runs. She needs a few more runs in each of the games classes (Jumpers, Snooker, Gamble) to complete her Masters titles in each of those. When she completes the last of those Masters titles she will also be awarded her Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC), which is awarded to a dog who achieves all of their Masters titles in each of the games as well as Standard (the MADC). For those that have followed more of the AKC agility (perhaps through Jen Bachelor's dogs), the ATChC is kind of like the Canadian version of the MACH as far as importance/significance. That said, it's not really the top title you can get, as there are lots of titles beyond it. Instead of just adding numbers (MACH 2, MACH 3, etc) they can go on to earn their Lifetime award (100 qualifying runs in Standard) and their Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards in each of the games (requiring I think 25, 50, and 100 qualifying runs respectively). There's also a Versatility award, which I believe is for accumulating large numbers of runs in both Standard and Games classes (again, probably 25, 50, 100).

She is currently 2/3 of the way to her ATChC, so I hope to have that completed within the next 12 months.

Here is her MADC run.


Janette Ash said...

So very happy to offer my congratulations. A fantastic milestone for the breed and a impressive accomplishment for you and Kili. I know from first hand experience that training a sighthound in agility presents extra challenges. You have worked very hard and it is clear all your hard work and devotion has paid off. You have been a great inspiration to me and I am sure any other greyhound owners who are considering agility. Looking forward to following along as you, Kili and Kenna trail blaze in the agility world. Congratulations!!!!! This Thanksgiving weekend must have been extra special, exciting and full of emotion and pride. Way to go girls!!!! The very best wishes.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She looks really good! Very fun!