Thursday, October 20, 2016

7.5 months - Veterinary Conference

Every year a veterinarian needs to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education. There are many ways to achieve this - wet labs, seminars, lectures, and conferences. I generally do some lectures and seminars, but I almost always attend a conference every year. I just love conferences. First of all, you can get almost all your hours completed in a couple of days. Plus, you can choose to go somewhere - Vegas, Florida, Banff, sometimes even to tropical destinations. It's almost a little mini holiday with work thrown in.

This year I decided to keep it close to home and went to Banff. Banff, Alberta is about a 4 hour drive from Edmonton and is a beautiful mountain town. I really didn't want to be away for too long, or too far with Kenna still being so young. But as it turned out, my boyfriend decided he wasn't entirely comfortable being left with all 6 pets, and I would have to get someone to come over part way through the day to let Kenna out since she still can't make it a full work day just yet.

The Fairmont in Banff is like a castle!

Sleeping during lectures
 As a result, I ended up taking Kenna with me, with plans to leave her at the hotel and come back at lunch to let her out. Which I did the first day, but it used up my entire lunch hour and made me late for the afternoon lectures, so I checked with the conference staff and was told I could bring her with me if I wanted, so long as she was not aggressive.

Kenna was super pleased with this arrangement. There were so many people to pet her and give her treats. I was really pleased with her confidence and manners. She does still need some work to not jump up on people who are engaging with her, however she walked nicely with me and didn't try to visit unless given permission. Lunch was buffet style and she was very polite around the food. She didn't try to jump on the tables or stick her nose up on the tables. She was good in lectures for the most part, settling down and sleeping, or entertaining herself with a toy quietly. She got many compliments on her sweet temperament and her good behaviour. One person even asked if she was a service dog because she was so well mannered! Good baby dog!

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