Sunday, November 06, 2016


Kili and I have started competing in Rally Obedience. We had taken some classes back when she was a puppy, and I had thoughts of competing in rally before she was old enough to compete in agility, but it just never happened, and then once she was old enough to do agility I was so engrossed with it that I didn't have time for another discipline. But now, with Kenna being at shows for conformation, Rally gives me and Kili a performance event to do so I don't have to just sit around all day.

We had our very first rally run a few weeks ago at a show in Camrose. Kili gets very stressed out by non-agility shows, and so she gets very distracted and slow to respond. However, we got around the entire course (with lots of encouragement) and I was reasonably happy with that given her show anxiety. I also didn't know a lot of the less obvious rules, so that didn't help us either!

This weekend we were in Red Deer for a show and Kili was entered in rally for 2 days. She was stressed in the environment as usual, but she continued to be my good girl and did what I asked, just much slower and with a lot of looking around. I was super proud of her though because she improved each time. She got around the courses, did what she was asked... even laying down on the bare concrete. I knew my rules a bit better this time too. I was super pleased that she qualified both of her runs, so now she just needs one more for her Rally Novice title. I was even more pleased that she placed in both of her runs. She was third in class on Saturday with 88 points (tied for second but with a slower time) and fourth in class on Sunday with 90 points.

I plan to continue with rally, and I hope as she gets used to everything she will settle and become less worried about the show environment. I also plan to start doing rally with Kenna.

Here is Kili's 90 point run. I love that you are allowed (and encouraged) to talk to your dog in rally, unlike in traditional obedience.

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