Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kenna - Fun Match

Kenna got to go to a fun match this weekend and she had a blast! Poor Kili was sad that she's been getting left at home for agility recently, but she's on her annual 1 month vacation from all dog sports.

Miss Kenna was a rock star. I'm so pleased with her work ethic, her speed, and her fearless nature. This little dog is afraid of nothing. She's fallen off the dog walk once or twice when she was younger and never hesitated to get right back on (as you can see from the video, she seeks out contact equipment). And she's been doing a full height teeter for almost a month now. The only equipment she hasn't seen yet is the weave poles, and I won't start training those in ernest until she's about 15 months.

She tugs like a fiend, she's super fast, and her straight line work is coming along (she's starting to commit to the line instead of running back towards me and having to be sent back out to the next obstacle). She's starting to commit to obstacles ahead of her as well. And yet she is still listening well and has good impulse control with not taking equipment right in front of her if we're turning.

I can't wait to keep working with this fun little dog!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She looks really nice!

Janette Ash said...

Oh, she looks wonderful, you are doing so well with training. She is a happy and clever puppy girl. I also want to comment on you personally, great moves on your part too. Love your handling skills, spot on, nice and smooth. Thanks for sharing, it is fun to watch you both working so well.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Thanks Janette! I always feel so herky jerky compared to all the world team members we have here in Edmonton. Glad to know I don't look as bad as I think out there!