Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kenna - Red Deer District Kennel Club

Kenna also went along to the show in Red Deer a few weekends back. She got to play in the conformation ring with her new handler (oooo, fancy!). Unfortunately, she had just had a growth spurt so her legs were really long and she had no chest - not good. She also has a fault in her front end, her front legs aren't perfectly straight and she toes out, particularly on the left. It is worsened by lack of depth of chest, so it was looking particularly pronounced. I am hoping it will improve a bit once she is older and her chest drops, but she will likely never be straight. I'm hoping the rest of her is good enough that it won't be an impediment to her getting her championship. Only time will tell.

On the plus side she was a pretty good girl for her handler, so I'm excited to see how they do together as they grow their relationship. She usually stands better for me for the judge's exam, but I think once she's done a few with her handler she'll realize it's just the same. I will continue to handle her myself as well, depending on the show and whether her handler is attending or not.

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