Friday, September 30, 2016

Kili and Kenna Fun Match

Kili and Kenna both got to attend a fun match. We had just got home from our west coast trip, and we had nothing planned for the weekend when I saw a post pop up on my facebook feed for a fun match. I figured, it would be fun for the girls as I haven't been able to get them to class in 2 weeks, and I also thought it might be a nice introduction to a more trial-like atmosphere for Kenna. She has, of course, attended trials with Kili, but only to hang out. Dogs can become ring-wise and some have ring stress, so I thought it would be a nice in between for her - not quite like class, not quite a trial.

We had a lot of fun. Each dog ran 2 standards and 2 jumpers, with a maximum of 2 minutes in the ring. Food and toys were encouraged. Kili of course ran the Master level courses and then had some time left over to run some gambles.

enna can't run full courses yet because she can't do all the equipment. I kept her off the teeter as she's still learning that one and is doing really well with it, so I didn't want her to jump on it herself and get a scare. She also can't do weave poles until her growth plates close. We were still able to do a lot of great stuff though! She is working on sequencing multiple obstacles, and we are working on some of her directions such as "go" and "out". She is also still learning some of the equipment and gaining confidence on others. I was really pleased with how she did, and was so touched by the wonderful comments I got on her from others. Most people were really surprised to find out she is only 6 months old, and thought she was much older based on how well she is running already. Kenna is 6.5 months old and weighed in this week at 18.9 kg.

Here's a little bit of video of both girls:

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