Monday, September 26, 2016

West Coast

For the second year in a row we took a trip out to the west coast to visit my friend Anne, this time for the joyous celebration of her wedding! It was something of a bittersweet trip, as last year when I made the trip Summit came with us. This year I elected to leave him at home and just bring the girls as we planned to do some hiking.

We started out in Banff National Park for a day of hiking. We saw the Johnston Falls and the Ink Pots which were super cool. Kili tried out her new backpack for the very first time, which I was excited about. After a few seconds of turning her head in either direction trying to figure it out she proceeded to ignore it for the rest of the day (except when I went into it to get treats out for her, then she discovered she could almost reach into the open pack for herself!). It was a basic hike so I didn't pack much in her bags, just a few snacks for her and Kenna, a water bowl, my camera, and my phone.

I was really pleased with how well the girls walked together. I was worried they would try to play together and generally tangle their lines together, but they walked together almost as well as Kili and Summit do together. There was minimal tangling, and no playing, and Kenna didn't pull or attempt to jump on the many people we ran into on the narrow trails.

The next day was basically entirely driving, so the poor dogs were pretty pent up by the time we reached Abbotsford. We did make one short stop in Revelstoke National park to walk the Giant Cedars Boardwalk. These cedars are hundreds of years old and are absolutely massive! The unique climate in some areas of BC allows for almost a tropical forest of sorts to develop. Absolutely amazing!

The next day was the day of the wedding, so I, rather reluctantly, dropped the girls off at a nearby kennel to spend the day and night. It was very loud, and although the girls weren't too happy to be there, they had each other as I made sure they were kenneled together. I dropped them off as late as I could before we had to head to the ranch where the wedding was being held, and I woke up bright and early the next day and picked them up as soon as the kennel opened. I'm sure the kennel workers thought I was a little overprotective and nuts.

That day we went into White Rock. You may remember that the dogs went running on the White Rock beach last year. Well, they enjoyed it just as much this year.

Here are the girls playing on the beach. Unfortunately, each time we turned on the video camera they refused to do much. And then the camera ran out of battery so we were unable to get more footage to pick and choose from. Oh well!

After our beach run we went for fish and chips on the boardwalk. Here are my good girls politely enjoying themselves, minding their own business. It helped that they had just had a good run, but I was very pleased with them, especially Kenna.

The hotel we stayed at in White Rock had a beachy, Mexican resort type theme. It was very interesting. We felt like we had just stepped out of BC and into a tropical paradise! It was pretty fun! Though, as interesting as this hotel was, I had to question the intelligence of making their pet friendly rooms the farthest away from the hotel doors. It was about a 30 second walk through winding, carpeted corridors to get outside. Kenna is officially house trained. I rushed to get her outside in the morning, praying she wouldn't go on the carpet in the hallway. She didn't. We got outside the main lobby doors and she immediately popped a squat on the driveway right outside the doors. She had to go so badly she couldn't even wait to get to the grass, but she waited until she was outside. Good baby dog!

The girls really enjoyed the hotels!

Finally we rushed through 2 full days of non-stop driving to be back home. Summit was very glad to see us, even the girls. It's good to be home!

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