Sunday, August 14, 2016

AKC Summer Classic


The weekend before SuperDogs, Kili and I traveled to Calgary for a big CKC trial hosted by the Alberta Kennel Club. This show is held at Spruce Meadows and is one of the largest that we attend. It boasts conformation, rally, obedience, and agility.

Kili was entered in 2.5 days of agility, and Kenna was entered in 2 days of conformation. I was lucky that I only ended up having one conflict which was easily worked around.

This photo makes me laugh. I guess that's what third eyelids are for!
Kili did not have her best trial. Although she ran reasonably well there always seemed to be something off in each of our runs. I had some handling problems in a few that messed us up, she had a few moments of "what the heck just happened there?" (running past the chute for no reason, running past a jump for no reason, etc), and then we had a problem on Sunday with the rain and the rings being so slick that I fell a couple of times resulting in refusals on otherwise beautiful runs. Very frustrating. She came away with only 2 Q's for the entire weekend. However, she ran pretty well and she didn't get injured... it's important to recognize the important things!

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