Friday, August 19, 2016

5 months - Sport Training

Kenna is 5 months old! How time flies! The tiny puppy is no longer so tiny! She weighs in at 17.9 kg... she's got about another 10 kg to go and about 5 inches.

She's also not such a baby dog in terms of her training anymore. She is coming along nicely in both disc and agility, and I'm super excited to see how she turns out in both sports. She has been to several disc trials already, as you have all seen, and I recently started running her in agility class. At the end of the month we will start an agility foundations class for young dogs specifically for her, but for now she's just getting a turn at Kili's competition class.

I am liking her enthusiasm for playing with me. And I'm really loving how fearless she is! As you'll see in the video, she just about falls off the top of the dog walk (slow down and watch where you're putting your feet, Kenna!) and then turns around without prompting and runs right back on. Crazy little demon!

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