Wednesday, July 13, 2016

13-18 weeks - Random stuff

This is just a quick post catching you up on Kenna's adventures the past few weeks. We haven't done anything worthy of a whole post in and of itself, but there's a bit of this and that to share.

For starters, Kenna accompanied Kili and I to Regionals in Calgary. It was her first experience with a longer car ride (about 3 hours) and her first hotel. She traveled really well, and was pretty good at the hotel. Unfortunately she had diarrhea the first night and we were on the 7th floor which was a little inconvenient. She was so good though, even running through the parking lot to make it to the grass.

All packed and loaded for Regionals in Calgary

Kenna's first hotel

Experiencing Regionals
I have been limiting Kenna's play with other dogs to try to discourage her from becoming too dog oriented. Mostly I just let her greet other dogs and then move on. But I do let her play a bit with other puppies sometimes. It's good for bite inhibition, and it is important for dogs to know how to play properly. Summit never really learned how to play properly it seems because he tends to scare other dogs. He thinks he's playing, but they're not too sure!

14 weeks - playing with a friend

I have been taking Kenna out and about as much as possible. Last weekend we did a full day of fun activities - Farmer's Market, a doggy festival called Muttstock, and then downtown to see the sand castles and have dinner on a patio.
18 weeks visiting Sand on Whyte

Pretty awesome, possibly a little scary if you're a puppy! Kenna was a rockstar!
 A few weeks ago Kenna outgrew her crate. In an effort to avoid carting a larger crate around (she uses a crate at home, at work, and in the vehicle, and the original crate was small enough to just transport between) I borrowed a soft crate (it's more of a tent really) for overnight sleeping. She seems to be tolerating it pretty well, though at this point I certainly wouldn't trust her unattended in it. I am hoping she will be a good little dog so that she can use a soft crate at trials. Kili's airline crate is huge and awkward to carry, especially if parking is far away from benching location. It also doesn't provide as good airflow in the summer when it is hot.

17 weeks - sleeping at night in a soft crate

Kenna will be attending her first show in a couple of weeks. I haven't shown a dog since Kili was a year old, so we've been going to a handling class to brush up. She's doing pretty well so far, we just need to work on holding our stack for the judge better!

18 weeks - Handling class for conformation
Kenna and I often walk to this little park on my lunch break. She absolutely LOVES the sand box for the kids!

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