Thursday, July 21, 2016

Puppy Agility Graduation

Kenna and I have been taking a puppy agility class. It introduces puppies and their owners to the basics of agility. Of course, I am well versed in agility so most of it was repetition for me, but it was great for Kenna to get to see some of the equipment (again, she's seen most of it since she comes to Kili's agility class and sometimes gets to come out and play a bit) and learn to work with the distraction of several other puppies in the same room.

I am super pleased with how she's doing. I'm loving her confidence (in the video, she had just seen the chute for the first time at the beginning of the class), her focus, and her drive. I plan to try to keep fostering it and I can't wait to see how she keeps progressing!

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Janette Ash said...

Wow, fantastic. Graduation already, it seems you just got her. She is doing so well and what a sweetheart to watch. Looking forward to seeing her progress.