Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DAL trial

Kili and I attended one last trial for the summer.

I should preface this by saying that Kili ran really well. I was so happy with her focus and connection with me.

That said, it was a bit of a frustrating day. It was particularly so BECAUSE she ran so well. For some reason Kili had a lot of trouble with the back corner of the ring on every single run we did. This ring is strange because it has a tree in it, and Kili kept missing a jump that was in the shade of the tree. It was almost like she didn't see it. And since she was running so nicely and really paying attention to me, it's hard to believe that she was purposely choosing to ignore that jump. As a result, no Q's this weekend. It is what it is. We'll have to work on jumping around that tree in practice next spring.

Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I bruised my knee pretty badly on the jump when I took it out, but am otherwise uninjured. My only thought was getting out of Kili's way so she wouldn't hurt herself. I'm thinking in a couple of years I can put together a blooper reel of me running into agility jumps!

And now Kili and I are taking a much deserved month off from dog sports. It is important that all sport dogs receive at least one continuous month off from practicing and competing. After doing SuperDogs I think she's earned it. We will be staying fit and active, but not doing any disc or agility. Kili is getting some time to "just be a dog" with some hiking and off leash parks.

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Janette Ash said...

Well, damn, someone saw that tree down.. hee,hee. Have a great holiday down time. Look foward to your fall posts.