Saturday, August 03, 2013


Kili had puppies!

Are these mine?

Ha, just kidding! I probably had a few of you going though... right? ;)

They're MINE!
I picked up a foster dog last weekend along with her 7 three week old puppies. Momma is a Plotthound and the dad is an Aussie Shepherd. I know you want to see all the adorable in all its glory....

The puppies in their box in my truck on the drive home.

I was sorely tempted to keep this little boy!

I think Kili was quite jealous of the whole situation. It was a tough couple of days until they went to their permanent foster home as I had to do a lot of managing. Mom was obviously protective of her pups, especially from Kili. Mom was also a horrible counter surfer and a baby gate jumper. So we had a lot of crates and gates and video monitors all over the house for the few days that this little family was staying with us. In case you are wondering what the babies are in... that's Kili's kiddie pool! I don't think she was happy about having to give it up. She was a little unsure of the puppies as I don't think she was too sure what exactly they were!

I miss the little family but I think my guys are quite happy to see them go!

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