Saturday, August 10, 2013

11.75 months - The big city!

Kili made her triumphant return to the streets of Toronto today. We took the hounds into the city to attend a Greyhound Meet and Greet. I was very pleased with Kili. It was her first time back in Toronto in about 5 months. We do not get NEARLY the amount of traffic and commotion in our small city and I wasn't sure how she would handle it now that she's older. She did great though. Took food well, responded to simple commands, was curious about things, didn't show the slightest fear.

The meet and greet was held at a pet store. It was a very nice pet store that even offers coffee and snacks for patrons who wish to sit on their comfy couches for awhile. We did just that.

Then we decided to take the hounds for a walk around the block to make sure everyone saw how beautiful they were even if they didn't walk by the pet store! Look at all the traffic! This store was located at one of the busiest intersections in the city.

On our walk we found this great fountain! It was a pretty cool day so Kili didn't show off too much of how bold she is around water, but she did wade around and even drank from one of the fountains.

Summit decided that he was going to be the official Ambasadog for the group. He spent the ENTIRE afternoon schmoozing and walking up to random people demanding petting. I think he may have convinced a few people that greyhounds are the dogs to have!

That's right, you know you want to take me home.

Kili and friends
Kili showing off how easily she can sit
After doing our duty for the greyhound adoption world we took the dogs for a walk at the beach. This was Kili's first trip to the beach and she was very interested in the water, though unfortunately dogs aren't supposed to go in except in the designated dog park... so chosen I suppose because no people ever use that section of beach due to how rocky it is!

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