Saturday, December 08, 2012

Best buds... sometimes

Summit spent the first couple of weeks after Kili arrived moping. He was pretty upset about the whole situation, felt unloved, was jealous, etc. etc. But in the last 2 weeks he has started to show that he does actually really like her, so I am hopeful that as she continues to grow they will become best friends.

Kili, for her part, thinks Summit is the greatest thing ever. Now that she has some good bite inhibition he has actually started to play with her. Every once in awhile she might bite a little too hard and boy does he let her know it! She's a total drama queen as you will see in the video. It's very sweet to watch Summit playing a very gentle game of "bitey face" with her though!

Summit lost about a kilo over the fall. Not sure how that happened but I've been trying to fatten him up a bit!

And here's the video. It's hard to get videos of them playing in the house because as soon as I try to reach over and grab my camera all sneaky like Summit stops and walks over to me. In this one he was mostly playing with the toy, but he does often just play full out bitey-face with her.