Saturday, December 08, 2012

14 weeks - Exploring the world

Lots of photos to share from week 14 so this is mostly just a photo montage!

I took back to the park to play with Snoop (you remember him right?) and Troy. Troy doesn't have a whole lot of interest in playing with a puppy, he was just interested in his ball. And Snoop was mostly interested in taking Troy's ball away. Summit was concerned with sniffing things. And Kili was concerned with trying to convince Snoop that she was better than Troy's ball.

Kili on the left, Troy in the middle, Snoop on the right, Summit in the background.
I have MANY pictures of Kili rolling around on her back.

Snoop with Troy's ball, Kili being convincing.
I arrived at the field with a white dog and left with a brown one.

We also went for our first hike as a threesome! Summit off leash and Kili on a 10 foot leash. It was a slow start but she really started to enjoy it once we got going.
Is that greyhound... OFF LEASH?
Kili loves to carry sticks.

Mouth full of fluff.
My handsome boy!
And a video of the fluff eating with a very nice Summit recall at the end.

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