Friday, December 21, 2012

17 weeks - Teeth

I posted about Kili's broken canine tooth awhile back. It has not caused her any problems and is finally starting to get loose so I am hopeful it will fall out and I can stop worrying about it. Unfortunately she went and decided to have other tooth issues.

My boss' dog bit Kili in the face and one gash was bad enough that I decided to stitch it which required putting her under general anesthesia for a short period of time. I used the opportunity to take some photos.

 The damage.
And the following are pictures of her teeth. There is only one upper baby tooth left, however as you can see the tooth on the right of the image looks like 2 teeth that are conjoined. My boss says he's seen weird things happen with teeth, but I'm a fresh grad and I've never seen any puppies yet with any issues with their teeth. Of course it would be mine who I wanted to show for a little bit before agility training started.

Normal lower teeth. Two adults almost fully in. 2 just coming through.

"4" adult teeth and one baby. See how the two on the left are separate but on the right they are stuck together?

Sigh. What else can go wrong with this puppy medically?


jet said...

I don't think you want to ask that question!!! that bite on the face looks like it hurt too :P

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Interesting photos!