Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kenna - International Night

How did I get so lucky to have this dog as my partner? Kenna absolutely blew me away yesterday at International Night. I say "jump" and she asks, "how high?"... I say let's change to a running frame and 4 weeks later it's almost perfect. What more could I ask for in a dog? I only wish I was the handler she deserves to be her best. I'm trying my hardest and have learned so much, but as usual most of our mistakes were my fault. And she's okay with that... she's so forgiving and just wants to play with me.

It's funny though, because I'm always kind of disappointed with how much slower Kenna looks on video than in real life. I just about died yesterday, Kenna was so fast, and now I watch the videos back and I'm like "meh". (Ironically, her weave poles look way faster on video than they feel in person.) Either she's not as fast as I think (but this seems unlikely because I myself am probably one of the fastest handlers and I can barely keep up and stay ahead) or that darn long stride of hers is very deceiving on video. It would be super interesting if I could get video of a border collie and Kenna with similar total course times to play side by side as a little experiment on the impact stride length has on the perception of speed on video. I remember a discussion about this during a horse show jumping event that I was watching years ago... there was a relatively larger horse with a long stride and the commentator discussed how it looked like it was kind of lumbering along but in fact it was on pace to set the fastest time. I tried to look this topic up online, however, and couldn't find anything remotely relative.

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