Friday, December 28, 2012

17 weeks - Play time!

My new routine with Kili is as follows:

First thing in the morning we go for a walk all together. This is not always a LONG walk as I am already getting up before 6AM and I work long days. As she is getting bigger and more capable of handling a faster pace we are covering more ground on these walks which is great.

At lunch if I am able to I pack Kili into the truck and run home to get Summit. We go to a nearby park which is relatively deserted at this time of year (except right now because school is out and there's a good toboggan hill at this park) and I let the hounds loose for some off leash time. They chase each other around a fair bit and it really allows Kili to get some energy out.

When we get home from work I run around the house with Kili throwing toys and generally being ridiculous. For some reason this seems to be another time when she is very willing to be active.

At night I either take the two dogs for another walk or I work with Kili on different activities like her teeter, her hind foot placement, basic obedience, show handling, etc. In future I will probably start throwing some short jogs in as well depending on the night. I definitely want to be careful not to hurt her growth plates, but I do want to get her used to the idea of jogging, and right now with all the snow we have I don't think she'll get quite the same concussive force anyway.

Here's a short video of the dogs at the park having some off leash fun!

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