Saturday, November 17, 2012

12 weeks - Playful

Kili got a lot of play time in this week. Other than the Golden at work we don't really know anyone with a young dog with good behaviour to play with her. A friend does have her brother's 1 year old lab cross living with her for awhile right now though, so the other night I decided to borrow him. I regret that it was too dark outside to get any videos of them tearing around in the backyard, but I did get some videos of them in the house. And a picture of that stuffed duck from last week. Kili injured it but together they killed it. RIP little duck.

Snoop is much rougher than Bella the Golden. You'll hear Kili cry a couple of times. She's mostly just a drama queen as you can see by the way she comes right back at him two seconds later. I did have to tell him to be gentle and I did break them up a couple of times to take a break when they started getting too rowdy. Much to my joy she slept like a rock that night. We will have to borrow him a few more times before he becomes unavailable to us!

The next day I took Kili home to play with Summit over my lunch hour. Often I'll just get Summit running around and retrieving which gets her chasing him. The point is just to tire her out. On this particular day, however, Summit actually played tug with her! I was SO excited about that. He isn't really the tug type. He generally lets go of a toy as soon as he feels pressure on it.

Three way tug!

Give it to me you little squirt!

Fine! I'll just drag you around with me!

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