Sunday, November 18, 2012

13 weeks - Busy!

The start of Kili's 13th week of life got off to a great start! This weekend she had an overload of socialization.

Saturday was Winter Woofstock in Toronto. For those not familiar with it, Woofstock is a dog festival that happens twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter. This was our third winter Woofstock, but unfortunately we have never made it to the summer one. It takes place at the Exhibition grounds downtown. There are tonnes of dogs of all shapes and sizes, and of course HUNDREDS of people. Honestly, I think she may have met her quota for people she needs to meet in one day. I was super happy that absolutely nothing fazed her yesterday. There were little yappy dogs, and big huge Danes. There were people with hats, sunglasses, strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, children....

It was pretty tough to get pictures at the event since I wouldn't exactly say that Kili was under control most of the time. I was just focused on her meeting lots of people and dogs and having a good time.

Meet people and dogs very nicely.
It's hard to see but there's a Dane coming up behind Kili.
Not sure why my camera rotated this picture.
She slept the whole ride home.
And a quick video so you can see the pandemonium....

But we weren't done. Sunday was the local Santa Claus Parade. Now, we'd been invited to actually be IN the parade with the Humane Society and sit on the float, but I decided that Kili would get more out of it by sitting on the sidelines and watching. I was proud of her. The only thing that bothered her a little bit were the marching bands. I'll have to keep an eye on that because I don't want that to turn into a phobia of fireworks and thunderstorms and gunshots. By the time the last marching band came by though she was much improved. And all I noticed was that she was a little agitated, but she didn't try to run and she still ate food well from me. Other than that the loud music, the weird costumes, the firetruck sirens... nothing bothered her at all.Well, except the cold. I had to keep her under my coat.

By the end she was practically falling asleep in my arms.
Video of the parade. The first bit is just after a marching band had gone by. She recovered well, was taking food, but was still a little unsure.

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Your puppy is way too cute (: