Wednesday, July 08, 2015

PACE trial - The runs that count

Kili and I spent a day at a local trial this weekend. We had a pretty good day, and Kili knocked out her second Standard Q. She just needs one more to get her Agility Dog of Canada title and move up to Advanced! It was the only Q she got all day so I'm glad she picked the one we really needed!

I love her galloping dog walk!
We also had a great Gamble run, though we didn't get the Q. I was very happy with her opening sequence where she was fast but also quite focused. She did the mini gamble really well for some mega points. She also did the main Gamble which was a tough one, but unfortunately she didn't make the time so she didn't get the Q. I was still really happy with that run though, and we are working on the sequence at home for practice.

Her last two runs weren't as great, and I think she just was tired and not really paying as close attention anymore. In her Steeplechase she decided to blow a contact on the A-frame, and in Jumpers she just didn't listen to my directions and took a couple of obstacles that she shouldn't have. Sometimes when she gets it into her head that she's going to do something, she doesn't care to listen to me telling her she's supposed to do something else! She's still a young dog, so we took some training time in the ring to correct the errors, and hopefully next run she'll be paying more attention to me!

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