Monday, May 25, 2015

BLAST trial - The art of gambling

This past weekend Kili and I attended a trial hosted by one of our favourite clubs. Their trials are at a favourite location for us (close to home, huge field to play in between runs) and Kili always seems to do pretty well (perhaps because of the close to home and huge field to play in).

At this trial Kili finally earned her first Starter Standard leg, and she would have had the second if she hadn't fallen off the dogwalk craning her head to look at me (note to self: time to put some extra training time into a self-sufficient contact behaviour that happens BEFORE turning to look for me!). Unfortunately I don't have either of those great runs recorded. What I did get was her not-so-fantastic Gambler run. This was her first run of the day and for some reason she wasn't really with me. She didn't want to do her weave poles, she had trouble with the first mini gamble (to be fair this is her first time in Advanced and the distances are all farther away), and then she had a teeter fly off.

We didn't get enough points in the opening to Q so the main gamble didn't matter much. It was a tough one and we didn't get it. Originally I thought she just didn't listen to my "switch" cue, but looking back at the video I see that she did start to make the turn, went about half way and saw the tire and thought that was what I meant. Well, we came home and practiced with our jumps and I'm proud of the little squirt.

Someone commented on a previous post that it was interesting that I had posted a not so stellar run, but I think it's important to show the progress that we make, and also the process in how we get there. I don't show you all of our disappointing runs, but rest assured we are not perfect every time we go out there!

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