Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Consequences of a Little Sister

Summit recently found out about the consequences of having a ridiculous baby sister.

At last call, very late one night, poor Summit got bodyslammed by Kili into our brick firepit. Kili has this annoying habit of having to run either straight at Summit, or cut right in front of him, whenever he starts running. In this case he was running back to the door to come in and she cut him off. Usually he stops and they really don't make contact, but for whatever reason this time he didn't stop in time and got thrown off balance. Anywhere else in our yard would not have been a problem, but unfortunately they were right beside the firepit, and greyhound skin being what it is....

At midnight I had to drive to the clinic to pick up bandage materials, come home and wrap both his hind legs to cover wounds where the skin was completely gone. Thank goodness he's a trooper. If it had been Kili this could have been a real nightmare of fighting to get bandages on and off, and preventing her from ripping them off. Finally three weeks later the bandages are off and his wounds are healed.


Sue Bassett-Gold said...

So glad that you knew what to do. Summit is a good boy. How old would he be now? Thanks for being such a dedicated owner.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Summit just turned 10! Hard to believe, but we've had him almost 5 years now!