Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All the rehab

It's all rehab, all the time now. Recently I took Kili in to another clinic to see a certified rehab technician who was recommended by my trainer. The consult was almost 2 hours long and was really enjoyable. We watched some videos of Kili running courses and she got her hands on Kili to see where she seemed sore. For her first session we decided to do laser and massage to help relieve some tension in her back muscles. We tried to do something called IMS, but unfortunately Kili is too much of a drama queen to tolerate someone sticking needles in her muscles. If we need to do the IMS in future we will have to sedate Kili for it. At this time we're just going to see how she does with some other techniques.

Trying IMS on Kili.

Laser therapy
I am fortunate that right now we have a laser unit at home. It is a slightly different type. The Companion laser that is being used in the photo is a class 4. It is a little hotter than the one we have at my clinic and therefore has to be moved around constantly. That makes it great for covering a broader area, but not as good at concentrating on one small problem spot. Our laser just sits in one spot, so doing a large area is a bit tedious, however if you are working on a small area you don't have to worry about burning the skin.

Kili is booked in again in a month for chiropractic and rehab. I haven't had her out for agility practice since then, so we'll have to see how she's feeling next week!

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