Sunday, November 02, 2014

Apex Agility hits the road?

I have some exciting news. Kili and I were invited to do an agility demo at a large greyhound gathering next spring. I am very flattered and beyond excited. We have an entire winter of trick training ahead of us, and we'd hopefully have about a month of decent weather (hard to tell in Edmonton!) prior to having to leave to work out the kinks outdoors in the spring. I am leaning heavily towards saying yes, but since the event is organized by a greyhound non-profit, covering my travel expenses is probably beyond what they are able to offer. Unfortunately, as a young professional, I'm not exactly swimming in cash and I definitely hadn't been planning on any major travel expenses.

That said, I decided I really wanted to try to make this work. It is a huge honour and I owe it to my dog to get her the exposure she deserves. Showing other greyhound owners that a greyhound can be more than just a couch potato is also a really big deal to me. I want to inspire other owners to train their dogs, even if it's just the basics. I think the more people that see what a greyhound can do... the better for the breed as a whole!

I decided to design some t-shirts on as a fundraiser. I think the design is really cute and that lots of people will want to purchase them... because I really want to get a set of my own! If you'd like to help us get to Utah next spring, and if you like cute greyhound apparel, please visit our TeeSpring campaign and order a shirt. If we are lucky enough to exceed our travel and accommodation expenses, all extra money will be donated to our adoption group, Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Visit our TeeSpring Campaign to order!

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