Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cross country moving

Once again I apologize for the long hiatus. Life is a little crazy when you uproot and move across the country! After my last post we moved out of my brother-in-law's house into our own rental house. That happened at the beginning of August but we are only now mostly unpacked and internet is due to be installed tonight! Yay! I didn't do any blogging but that doesn't mean that we weren't busy or that I wasn't documenting it. I have a lot of material to share with you guys so get ready to be bombarded over the next week. We'll start with our move across the country!

It started with packing up our entire house....

And squeezing it all into one trailer, one truck, and one car.

My rig!
Rabbit set up. Adrienne and Sebastian up top, Caspian down below.
The first night we stayed with Jarrett's parents and visited with some family members before we continued on the road. We stopped at a rest area along the way where Jarrett used to work as a teenager. A bear in the gift shop tried to eat me....

And then we continued on to our next stop in Thunder Bay where we stayed with some more of Jarrett's family.

And so ended our easy travels. After leaving Thunder Bay we picked up a nail and ended up with a flat tire in Kenora, Ontario... in the rain. Fortunately, I had my handy dandy boyfriend to fix it for me (not that I can't fix it myself... but I prefer not to in the rain). 

I wish I could say that was the last of our troubles, but then we hit Manitoba...

And Manitoba roads are awful. Which resulted in another flat tire....

But this time for no real cause that we could see. We changed the tire and headed into Winnipeg where we were spending the night. We had a really strange hotel room. It had no windows to the outside, so it had a window to an interior hall....

We got new spare tires and headed back out on the road. Now is when things get really hairy. We blew another tire just outside of Brandon, Manitoba. By now we had decided there was something structurally wrong with the trailer. We suspected the axles were bent. We limped the trailer into Brandon to a repair shop where we dealt with some really fabulous customer service. We were supposed to be stranded for 2 days. 2 days turned into 3 days, which they then wanted to turn into 3 weeks. I found my own solution and managed to get us out of there on the 4th day. Brandon is a really small town. There's really nothing all that interesting there, so being stranded was even more frustrating. On our first day we managed to go and check out the Souris swinging bridge, in Souris, Manitoba.

Why is called a swinging bridge? See for yourself!

I was really surprised that Summit was not more concerned about this situation as he doesn't tend to like things moving under his feet. Kili is obviously a dare devil and could have cared less.

It was very important to me that we hit all the provincial welcome signs. Here's Saskatchewan, officially the first new province for me on this trip.

We stopped in North Battleford for a break and to potty the dogs. We were disappointed that Fort Battleford was not open to tourists on the weekend.

Finally we reached Alberta!

The official border

Welcome to Wild Rose Country!
 In case you're wondering why the dogs aren't in this momentous photo it's because this sign is right beside the highway... and there were DOZENS of prairie dog holes all around this sign!

Almost there! Last rest stop!
Finally arrived. I miss Ontario but hopefully Alberta will provide us with lots of new adventures!

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